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Wine Cube Tabletop

$ 73.00


Vigilant Woodworks

The wave cube tabletop fits perfectly over two wave cubes. This is a great item to be used when you stack wave cubes double-wide, but want a more finished look above for additional decorative storage.

Dimensions: 9"w x 2.5"h x 9"d

     About the Vigilant Wine Cubes System...

    • Vigilant Wine Cubes allow you to achieve maximum flexibility and storage of your wine collection. They are unique and functional for either a residential space or larger wine merchandising and display collections. The wine cubes can fit into any space and offer endless design possibilities!

      The cubes can be stacked on a pedestal for a stylish island display, built as tables, or mounted on a wall for an artistic composition. On wall-mounted applications, facings can be added on matching side shelves.

      The furniture-quality wood wine boxes come in concave, convex and square designs. The different inserts add variety to the aesthetics and store from nine to twelve wine bottles per wine cube.

      You can add Wine Cubes to any wine cellar or wine room, or use as decorative storage in an area. Check out the images for examples of design configurations to help inspire your own wine storage creation.

    Wine Cube Design Considerations & Tips

    • Wine cubes are available in wood, laminates and bamboo with multiple finish options.
    • Consider the size of your wine storage area and which insert will best fit the bottles of wine.
    • Wine cubes stacked together or mounted next to one another should be screwed together for added support.
    • The wave of your wine cubes can go either vertically or horizontally depending on your tastes.
    • The emblem panel will be on the interior side wall of your wine cube when you rotate it to achieve a horizontal wave. Make sure to align your emblems all on the right or left side walls to keep a uniform appearance when rotating your wine cubes.
    • Side shelves and end shelves can be added to wine cubes to add a place for upright wine bottle display or decorative items.
    • Cleats should be attached to walls that can hold the weight of a wine cube and any wine bottles inside up to 75 lbs.
    • Square wine cubes are available for use when a wave will create an undesired effect. Contact a Vigilant consultant for information.
    • Tabletops are available to fit above any double wide wine cube creations, even if they are mounted to the wall.
    • A wine cube tabletop should be securely fastened to a pair of wine cubes to prevent it from slipping off.
    • Pedestals can be used to separate wine cubes when stacked vertically or horizontally.
    • Wine cubes can be used in a retail space or restaurant to create a contemporary storage option for displaying wine.

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