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"Bat"chelor Pad

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Coveside Conservation

Houses up to 30 bats in a single chamber.  Features include a large landing pad, screened interior and echo-location slot.  Designed for the cooler locations preferred by solitary males, but also suitable for a small nursing colony.  Sustainably grown 1" thick Eastern White Pine provides superior insullation. Hand crafted in Maine.

About Coveside Products...

Since 1990, Coveside has manufactured a nest box for every species of cavity-nesting bird in North America as well as a complete assortment of feeders, bat houses and other wildlife products. Designed for each species by experts, our products provide the correct dimensions, materials, ventilation and drainage. Coveside products are handcrafted in Maine from eastern white pine. Each item is constructed to last and includes a brochure that describes the species, and the placement and maintenance of the product.