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Commander Ten Watch Winder
Commander Ten Watch Winder
Commander Ten Watch Winder
Commander Ten Watch Winder

Commander Ten Watch Winder

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American Chest

The Commander is a glass topped, watch storage chest. Solid cherry construction. Featuring soft suede interior with plush watch/bracelet pillows to hold your most spectacular timepieces or bracelets. American Chest for your watch storage in beauty!

  • Available in 2 finishes: Rich Mahogany or Heritage Cherry.

About American Chest...

The company was started believing there is a STRONG NEED for Hand-Crafted Chests which are MADE in U.S.A.!

The Factory, located in the Green Mountains and Forests of the Northeast, it is a THIRD Generation Chest Making Factory! OVER 100 Years making Hardwood, Hand-Crafted Chests!

    • GENUINE North American HARDWOOD Construction!
    • Hand-Crafted using ONLY Genuine Cherry, Oak, Maple or Mahogany
    • The FINEST CHESTS AVAILABLE in the U.S.A! Heirlooms of the Present…

    The Reasons are Simple: AMERICAN Hand-Crafted is STILL the FINEST!

  • Imported Chests are usually NOT HARDWOOD but made from an M.D.F. Box with a Wood Veneer or Paper laminated to the chest.
  • THIS IS THE PROBLEM with Imports!
    • Asian Countries have a Much Higher Atmospheric Moisture Content than Continental North America.
    • China has an Atmospheric Moisture Content between 12% and 14%
      • Though woods ARE kiln dried to 6% before they start to work the lumber… during the production, which takes up to 10 days, this lumber is subject to the Moisture in the surrounding atmosphere within the factories. WOOD is like a SPONGE, it starts to “soak up” this moisture up until the item is finally sealed and finished during the production processes. During this time, the wood has gone back to be around 10% or more in moisture content. NOT GOOD…
      • Next, when these “wet chest” arrive in the U.S. after their ocean voyage in a hot container, the Chests WILL Start to DRY OUT!
      • This leads to Cracking in the wood… Crazing in the finishes… Openings in the glue joint… PROBLEMS!
    • North America’s Atmosphere Moisture is ONLY between 6% and 8%… Much BELOW Asia’s!
      • ALL of OUR CHESTS are MADE in the Northeastern United States from GENUINE North American HARDWOODS!
      • Never WARPING or DRYING PROBLEMS! ONLY, Great Long-lasting CHESTS!