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Compost Bin, Mocha, 28"W

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Reduce and recycle your kitchen and yard waste to make wonderful compost with help from the Dura-Trel Compost Bin. Placing fruit and vegetable scraps, dead leaves, and grass clippings in an open container enables you to make compost at home, for a healthy soil additive. Combining compost with your soil helps improve its structure and aeration, for strong and healthy plants without synthetic fertilizers. This significant bin holds plenty of yard scraps, while its mottled brown color and rounded endcaps add a natural look. The four upright posts form a 24" square bin, the perfect size for beginning your pile. Horizontal slats create the body, and handle cut-outs on the front panels allow you to remove them for adding scraps. The side rails to the left and right of the front panel angle inward, keeping the mixture contained and allowing air to circulate throughout it. This bin is crafted from high quality vinyl, with the greatest concentration of titanium dioxide available for UV stability. For added design and convenience, the bin will not fade, peel, or rot, and its mocha color remains lovely for several seasons. Start a compost pile in your yard using this Compost Bin. Assembly required. Made in the USA. Twenty year guarantee.

Dimensions: 28"L x 28"W x 32"H
Mounting: place on ground
Construction: vinyl
Mfg. Warranty: 20 year guarantee
Shipping Weight: 32 lbs   

About Dura-Trel...

Established in a family's garage in 1998, Dura-trel, Inc. has grown into the world's leading manufacturer of vinyl lawn and garden products. This family owned and operated company offers the largest array of elegant home accessories including: arbors, trellises, pergolas, picnic tables, planter boxes, potting benches, compost bins and more. All Dura-trel products are constructed of the highest quality PVC vinyl and backed by a 20 year warranty that protects against cracking, peeling, fading or any discoloration. Headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Dura-trel products are completely handcrafted in house, ensuring your product is MADE IN THE USA!