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Fairy Tale Castle

$ 189.00


Elves And Angels

Solid and stately, this wooden castle is built to withstand battles and sieges. Its functional drawbridge is sure to secure the castle from intruders, and there's plenty of room inside to organize jousting tournaments or set up a great hall for a royal feast! Three separate pieces slide together making this toy castle both free-standing and easy to put away when the battle is over.

SIZE: Side towers 19¾" high, walls 14½" high; 33" wide. Inside area 27½" wide and 17" deep.

MATERIALS:  Northern White Pine with a natural Danish Oil Finish.

AGE INFORMATION: 3 years and older

About Elves & Angels Toys & Safety Info...

We use native, locally harvested white pine, or red  birch.  We also use Completely GREEN, CARB 2 Compliant, Baltic Birch plywood as the backing for wooden kitchens. No Formaldehyde glues! This is a very expensive wood, (more so than pine) and we do not use this to cut corners. We use it as it is the only wood that does not swell and contract with the change in temperature making it possible for the customer to easily assemble the kitchen. It creates the perfect finishing touch to your heirloom quality wooden kitchen. A non-toxic Danish Beeswax Oil is sprayed on the wood to protect it. This is a completely natural, safe, food grade oil that is used to finish wooden bowls and cutting boards. 

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