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Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options
Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options

Cracker Basket - 11 Pattern Options

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Emerson Creek Pottery

Looking for the perfect addition to complete your table? How about this simple yet classy serving basket from Emerson.  Each basket measures 2" x 8" x 1/2" deep and holds 8 ounces. Great for crackers, chips, cheese, nuts or any appetizer. All Emerson products are 100% lead free and made from the highest quality ceramics in Virginia.  You may choose from among 11 different hand-painted patterns.

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This unique American company, inspired by early American cobalt decoration, was founded by Priscilla Palmer and Jim Leavitt in 1977. They developed the groundbreaking technique of applying natural pigments to an absorbent glaze using a Japanese Sumi-e type brush. All their ceramic products are formed of clay made onsite. Every unique creation is hand made, hand-painted and then fired using a gas kiln. Every design is a series of carefully planned strokes forming a unique and beautiful pattern. No templates or stencils are used which makes every piece an individual work of perfection. Emerson currently features 13 different patterns for its ceramic pottery; including its flagship design, Field of Iris. All items are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, ovenproof and 100% lead free in paints and materials. Their products have been featured at such prestigious venues as Monticello, Mt. Vernon and the Smithsonian Institute, notwithstanding hundreds of fine homes across America.

Available Patterns...

Field of Iris

This pattern is the signature design of Emerson Creek Pottery. It consists of 6 different brush strokes to stylize the beautiful flower in shades of blue, lavender and green.

Copper Clay

Perhaps the warmest earth tone Emerson offers, this pattern has spicy undertones and glistens with coppery brightness. The Copper Clay pottery pattern features all of the integrity of ancient rustic pottery in a truly variety of decor styles. Every ceramic piece is crafted by hand with speckled ground / high gloss glaze.

Tuscan Olive

The Tuscan Olive pattern blends beautiful color and a speckled, creamy background, enhanced by a simple olive design calling to mind a true feel of Italy.

American Blue

This pattern is as blue as the field of the American flag, using deep, rich blue tones with a glossy speckled glaze. The simplicity of the pattern ensures it will fit well with any decor.


This elegant pattern is inspired by the beautiful wild dogwood trees that are found upon the forests and hillsides of Virginia each year during the spring.


This beautiful pattern, of pine boughs in hues of green and brown, brings to mind warm feelings of the outdoors and forest; the perfect addition to any country style decor!


This elegant pattern consists of the woolly grey green of the lavender plant with twisted rounded leaves in beautiful shades of green and violet.


This pattern is ideal for anywhere in the home needing a splash of warm and brilliant color and consists of simple twists of cranberry leaves on elegant crawling vines.


A warm and cheery pattern of blueberries, this pattern is reminiscent of summertime and sure to add a colorful splash to any decor.


This wonderful pattern adds brilliant colors and warmth to any setting with beautiful dragonflies and foliage painted in bright shades of blue, green, and red.

Red Poppy

This cheerful design is of beautiful poppies in varying colors and adds a touch of springtime warmth to any decor or setting.