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Liberty Telescoping Flagpole

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Our NEW MODEL Liberty EZPOLE® is a telescopic pole and features our “No Drop Posi-Loc®” dual-locking system, preventing the common pole collapse with our competitor’s telescopic poles. To raise or lower the 17’ Liberty EZPOLE, simply twist the pole sections in opposite directions to lock and secure your pole. To engage the “No Drop Posi-Loc®” on each section of the 21’ Liberty, hold the lower pole still while turning the upper pole clockwise until the arrows line up with the button hole on the lower pole. Once the button snaps into position, turn the upper pole back counter clockwise to lock the sections. Repeat for the all the sections. To lower the pole, disengage the button and turn the upper pole of each section clockwise.  The 21’ Liberty adjusts to height increments of 9’6” up to 21’ and has 4 sections, with diameters of 1.75”, 2”, 2.25” and 2.5”. The 17’ Liberty adjusts to any exposed height between 7’2” and 17’ and has 3 sections, with diameters of 1.75”, 2” and 2.25”. The various diameter sizes create true, tapered pole look.

Liberty Kit Contents

  • Assembled Telescoping Flagpole Hardware Kit- Stainless Steel clips,
    Instruction Sheet & Flag Etiquette Pamphlet
  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
  • Aluminum Ground Sleeve
  • Kit includes four stainless steel clips
  • 3'x5' Nylon Sewn American Flag
  • Kit Weight- 17"= 15 lbs., 21"= 17 lbs.

Liberty EZPOLE Features:

  • 100% American craftsmanship
  • Rust-free polished aluminum tubing
  • Aluminum in-ground sleeve or special mount
  • Our "No-Wrap" swivel system™
  • All EZPOLES have a 5 year warranty with proof of purchase
  • Deburred for safety
  • Topped with an anodized aluminum gold ball
  • An instruction sheet
  • A flag etiquette leaflet
  • A list of flag flying holidays
EZPOLE® Flagpoles Convey American Pride for Homeowners and Businesses

A reference guide for first-time flag owners

Many homeowners have decided that there is no better way to show their American pride than to proudly display a US flag in their own yard. The flagpole experts at EZPOLE Flagpoles, a manufacturer and distributor of 100% American-made flagpoles, discuss some items to consider before you start flying the Stars and Stripes.

Choosing the right flagpole

For a single story home, decks, docks or for traveling purposes, a 13’ flagpole will suffice. A 17’ flagpole is recommended for mid-size homes or 2-story structures, and a 21’ flagpole is recommended for large homes or areas.

When judging the quality of a flagpole, you will want to choose an flagpole that uses 16-gauge aluminum to prevent your flagpole from bending or breaking during severe weather. To prevent your flag from becoming tangled in the wind, look for a feature like EZPOLE’s “No Wrap” Swivel System.

Finally, you can choose between a sectional flagpole, which comes in pieces and needs to be assembled, versus a telescoping flagpole like the EZPOLE telescoping flagpole that expands from 9’6” up to 21’. telescoping flagpoles are more expensive than sectionals but are much easier to use. 

How to install a flagpole

  1. Check for underground sprinkler water lines and electrical lines before you dig.
  2. Dig a 22'' hole with a tapered diameter (see diagram).
  3. Put 2'' of gravel under base of sleeve, (allows for drainage) tamp stone.
  4. Place aluminum sleeve (bead down) with bottom section of flagpole into place so cement won’t fill bottom of sleeve.
  5. Mix bag of cement (40 pound bag) and pour into hole.
  6. Mound up concrete around sleeve to allow for water runoff.
    (Add rocky fill to increase concrete volume).
  7. Use level to square vertical. Stabilize for 24 hours. Insert remaining sections.

Flagpole landscaping

Adding a flagpole to your yard offers a great opportunity to do some creative landscaping. Stonework is often popular around the base of a flagpole and can be combined with a variety of flower bed arrangements.