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Lunar Sweater Vest
Lunar Sweater Vest
Lunar Sweater Vest
Lunar Sweater Vest
Lunar Sweater Vest
Lunar Sweater Vest
Lunar Sweater Vest
Lunar Sweater Vest

Lunar Sweater Vest

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Cockpit USA

Imagine you are flying in an open cockpit through the night sky, the moon shines down on you creating an air of enchantment. That’s what we imagined when designing our Lunar Sweater Vest. Looking at the iconic B-3 Bomber Jacket, we’ve borrowed a few key elements, like the leather welted seams and shearling collar, to create this sophisticated, feminine style in a charming silhouette. 

• Crafted from soft, wool sweater knit
• Luxurious dark brown shearling collar 
• Stitched cowhide leather seams
• Asymmetrical two-way front zipper
• Two front zip pockets
• Waist straps for extra warmth
• High polish hardware
• This is a true fit vest 
• Available in ecru 
• Proudly made in the USAA.

Manufacturer Item #W78U004

About Cockpit USA...

Cockpit USA is a brand built on the firm foundations of an affinity for leather, aviation and an all American heritage. With a story that begins in the skies… It was in the early 70s when President and founder of Cockpit USA Jeff Clyman was taking flight in WWII aircrafts sporting his father’s Army Air Corps aviator jacket, when he was bombarded by crowds of people wanting to know where they could get their hands on one too.

Based in New York City and originally started in 1975 under the corporate name Avirex Ltd, Cockpit USA has a vibrant history. As a current contractor to the U.S. Government, Cockpit USA has supplied the USA government with various products including since 1990 the A-2 leather pilot jacket. Cockpit USA has also supplied various foreign governments with their own version of the A-2 pilots’ jackets as well as Navy jackets for certain USA submarine units and international Navies.

Cockpit USA is a name synonymous with authenticity and a sense of strong American legacy. A lifestyle that has been adopted by iconic celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, (Rocky III wearing the company’s B-3 shearling jacket), Governor Arnold Schwartznegger, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, Steven Spielberg, Steve McQueen, Tom Selleck, Jerry Seinfeld, Lenard Nemoy, Dan Akroyd, PDiddy, Hugh Jackman, Richard Simmons, Sharon Stone, Christina Aguilera, President Bush and President  Obama and just recently Beyonce! 

The contemporary collection, Civilian Pilot Training, is a capsule under Cockpit USA specializing in leather and textile outerwear, knitwear and shirting. With each piece being a translation of the company's vast treasure trove archive of genuine historic military finds, styles are recreated with expert craftsmanship and commitment to quality. A true salute to garments of times past and the heroes who have worn them, Cockpit USA maintains a signature standard of execution; manufacturing 80% of products at home in the U.S. using only leathers of the highest grade, heavy duty hard wear with inspiration drawn from military design.