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Tucker Stainless Steel Flask
Tucker Stainless Steel Flask
Tucker Stainless Steel Flask

Tucker Stainless Steel Flask

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Billy Twang

The Billy Twang® Flask is handcrafted with skill and pride; pure stainless steel with a natural matte finish. Our American-made flask is a tried-and-true classic:  made like no other, striking, and timeless. Filled with a quality whiskey, the Billy Twang® Flask stands ready for the next adventure: “The backporch, the backyard, or the back woods, Game on.”

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 3” x 1.5” x 5”

About Billy Twang...

Masterin’ the manipulation of wood, charcoal, hot coals, and flames is a duty-bound skill; a true, authentic, and worthy endeavor.

Billy Twang’s built countless fires—cookin’ meat to the delight of family, friends, and neighbors. Those early years of building fires and cookin’ meat got Billy Twang thinking about the choice of fuel. Well, one thing lead to another and Billy’s been trading mesquite charcoal for legal tender going on twenty-four years now.

Billy Twang’s honed fire-cookin’ skills lead to simple truths and the discovery of the right purpose-driven tools. Those tools, tried and true, are available at Billy Twang® Mercantile, a purveyor of finely-made fire-cookin’ goods—all field-tested and flame-ready from the git-go.

Billy Twang knows cookin’ with fire may well be intimidating to some and the excuses go something like this: “too much trouble, time, and mess.” In comes Billy Twang to the rescue!

With the Billy Twang® collection of fire-cookin’ goods and a bit of plain-spoken guidance, tips, and recipes—get ready for some mighty-tasty meals.

Authentic, American-made fire-cookin’ imparts smoky richness and complexity that cannot be replicated by turning a knob and cookin’ with the same fuel source burnt by your truck.

Now that’s something to ponder.