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Whitehall Times & Seasons Thermometer, French Bronze, 12"

Whitehall Times & Seasons Thermometer French Bronze 12 - Outdoor Decor


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Let the Whitehall Times and Seasons Thermometer tell you the outdoor temperature any time of year. The striking artwork, classic color scheme, and hardy construction create a flawless and lasting thermometer, for you to enjoy year round. A raised tree form creates the centerpiece, with one half of it full of leaves and the other bare, evoking the changing of seasons. The phases of the moon surround this center artwork, followed by a band of temperature indicators ranging from -60° to 120° Fahrenheit. Additional lines beneath these large numerals mark 5 degree increments, for accurate temperature readings from -75° to 135° Fahrenheit. A gold colored needle points to the current temperature, making it simple to monitor from a distance. Gold colors on all the raised parts of this unit contrast the overall, dark bronze background, creating a classic color scheme. The aluminum body will function perfectly either in the home or outside, and the mounting hardware makes placing the unit on a wall simple. Celebrate ever changing seasons using this Times and Seasons Thermometer. Made in the USA.

Temperature Range: -75° to 135° Fahrenheit

Dimensions: 12” dia.

Mounting: wall mount

Construction: aluminum

Shipping Weight: 4 lbs