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Your Favorite Nightmare Hatchet

Your Favorite Nightmare Hatchet - Hammers
Your Favorite Nightmare Hatchet - Hammers


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Hardcore Hammers

This is the very limited Survivalist edition of the Nightmare Hatchet we made a couple years ago. Whether you are a hardcore adventurer, a weekend warrior, preparing for the impending Zombie Apocalypse, or enforcing your daughter€™s curfew when her boyfriend takes her on a date, this hatchet can handle it all. From chopping firewood to felling small trees to helping build a tree stand and field dress a deer, we designed this hatchet to hack through any project and look great while doing it! These hatchets are all hand made in the USA, from the forging to the American Hickory handles, so each one is a unique piece: No two are exactly alike. Includes a leather sheath and free shipping anywhere in the USA.This is our tribute to your €œWorst Nightmare€�  (Thank, Rambo!). Rather than become one of the mindless throng of living undead when you run out of ammo, grab one of these and make short work of those that would eat your brains, and impress all the girls at the same time.  Sure to quickly become your Favorite Nightmare!

    Why do we say "One Hammer to Rule Them All"? Because there is no other hammer like it. This is the original Hardcore Hammer with a recessed milled insert. The insert is forged from some of the toughest steel on the planet. And because it is recessed, the milled traction surface is protected from striking anything but the nail by the smooth outer rim, virtually eliminating the need for two hammers, because it combines a finish and a framing hammer all in one. No need for extra tools to change out the striking face from waffled to smooth, no spare parts to lose or pay extra for! This is the only hammer in the world that can switch from framing to finish work just by swinging it! No hammer compares, and Hardcore Hammers are proudly built in the USA with quality that will outlast any other hammer head out there.


    Fortune and Glory  Made in USA Gifts, Giftware    Wholesale & Manufacturers, Candia, NH