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     Have you ever stopped to think about what makes your most treasured possessions so important to
you? Is it because it is indispensably useful, or because it makes you feel your best while wearing it?
Maybe it is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Is there a story behind it: something
found while on a memorable trip, or given to you to commemorate a significant event in your life?
Perhaps it is a family heirloom and has been in your family for generations, passed down from one
family member to the next. Sometimes just thinking about the thing that we treasure most in the world
makes us feel happy or loved or part of something larger than ourselves. In the case of an heirloom, it
may even create a feeling of physical connection to a family member who has passed that otherwise
would not be possible.

     While some might see holding an object in such high esteem as a sign of our materialism, it appears that
there is something more going on. I read an article Why objects can be more meaningful gifts than
experiences - Vox recently that explains what happens in our brains when we view or hold these
treasured objects. The theory of “extended cognition” is the idea that the environment around us can
help us to remember things from our past. A study by British psychologists in 2006 showed just how
valuable objects from our past are to us. When participants were asked to choose the everyday items
most important to them, the characteristic that dominated the choice was the object’s ability to evoke
memories. So, things like jewelry, photographs, and ornaments were more valued than electronics,
clothing, or other high-priced items.

     Studies like these describe what many of us already know to be true- the gifts we have received that we
treasure most connect us in a special way to the giver. This idea can in turn help us in choosing a special
gift for our loved ones. The gift doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, but something meaningful and
memorable. Buying gifts can be a great place to start purchasing with more intent as, unlike the items
we need to buy on a regular basis, we normally spend some extra time and care in choosing them

     Keeping this idea in mind, it would also make sense to choose a gift that is crafted in such a way that it
will last well into the future. Although it is usually preferrable to see and hold the gift prior to purchasing
it, unfortunately this sometimes is just not possible. Shopping online, however, provides an opportunity
to source gifts from companies who have been manufacturing beautiful, heirloom quality items for
generations themselves. The companies Fortune and Glory works with do just this, so that a gift
purchased here will be around to elicit those lovely memories for its receiver for years, maybe even
generations, to come. And remember, if you ever have questions about an item, please feel free to
contact us. Relationships with our vendors and our customers are important to us, and we understand
how important it is to find just the right gifts for the special people in our lives.


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Fortune and Glory  Made in USA Gifts, Giftware    Wholesale & Manufacturers, Candia, NH