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About Us

       "August, 1945. Times Square, New York City. Dancing in the streets, we celebrated the unimaginable sacrifice of the American solider, the unwavering dedication of the American people and the unparalleled productivity of the American worker. Having grown up amongst the industrial ruins of Detroit Michigan, I find myself missing those churning factories that I’ve never seen run. I yearn for a time known only through my grandparents’ stories of a nation full of pride, innovation, and productivity. I long for a time when “quality over quantity” applied not only to gifts, but to the spirit of giving itself. In August 1945, we believed in America. Some of us still do.”

     I wrote these words when we opened this online store ten years ago. We made a promise then to provide beautiful, American made items for our customers, at prices that would reflect their safety and quality, as well as the dignity of the American workers who made them. While much has changed for all of us over the last several years, our mission remains the same: restore America’s entrepreneurial spirit by providing better quality alternatives to cheaper, foreign goods. As such, we continue to invite you to join our thousands of satisfied customers in browsing our selection of the finest American made products. Every dollar you spend here funds a fellow American’s job, and every purchase you make here encourages a fellow American’s company.

     Once we understand the impact our purchases can make, we can be empowered to shop with a little more intention. We are grateful for your continued support of our small business with big dreams, and we hope you will follow along with us as we explore some of the many great benefits of “American Made” in our online journal. As consumers, we can shape the marketplace to produce better quality, more safely, ethically, and sustainably. Alternatively, we can support the status quo and the vast import of cheaper goods, but ignore the moral costs involved. The choice is ours to make.

Fortune and Glory  Made in USA Gifts, Giftware    Wholesale & Manufacturers, Candia, NH