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TriLeaf - Black Hills Gold Earrings

Black Hills Gold TriLeaf Earrings - Jewelryx
Black Hills Gold TriLeaf Earrings - Jewelryx


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Landstrom's Black Hills Gold

These earrings offer a traditional foliage design. It features classic Black Hills Gold styling.

  • All yellow gold components are 10K solid gold.
  • All white gold items are custom, non-refundable & take 4 weeks lead time.
  • All pink and green accents are 12K solid gold.
  • All silver components are 925 fine solid sterling silver.
  • All products: Complimentary presentation gift box(es) included.
  • Rings: Contact us for extra large, extra small & quarter sizes.
  • Rings: Free Resizing for life (except elk ivory).
  • Gold Pendants: Complimentary 18" gold-filled chain included.
  • Silver Pendants: Complimentary 18" sterling silver chain included.





Metal: 10/12K Yellow Gold

Part#: G LER1218

The Black Hills Gold Legend

The 1876 gold rush brought all sorts of characters to the Black Hills, including French jeweler Henri LeBeau who hoped to strike gold and make his fortune.

Legend has it that LeBeau, unfamiliar with the territory, became lost in the Black Hills wilderness. He collapsed of exhaustion and dreamed of lush grape vineyards from his home country. After awaking starved and parched, LeBeau luckily stumbled across native South Dakotan grape vines growing near a creek. LeBeau's life was saved and a legend was born.

In honor of the lifesaving grapes, LeBeau crafted gold "good luck" jewelry featuring the grape vine motif. The trend spread among other miners hoping for a little luck and LeBeau's jewelry soon became known as Black Hills Gold.

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