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Herd Elk Ivory Gold Earrings

Herd Elk Ivory Gold Earrings
Herd Elk Ivory Gold Earrings
Herd Elk Ivory Gold Earrings
Herd Elk Ivory Gold Earrings


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The Frontier Collection

Custom Handmade Item: Allow 3-4 Weeks For Delivery!

These amazing earrings features a selection of genuine elk ivory set in beautiful yellow gold.

Complimentary wooden gift box included.

If you prefer, you may mail us 2 ivories from your own hunting experience and we will set them in the earrings for a $100 discount (choose that option in the dropdown box above).  After placing your order, please mail your ivory teeth and a note with your name and order# to:

TRJ Concepts 
Elk Ivory Submission

2707 Mt. Rushmore Road
Rapid City, S.D. 57701


Metal: 10 or 14 Karat Yellow Gold

Part#: I430399LR (14K)

Part#: I30399LR (10K)

About The Frontier Collection...

The majestic elk is one of only two animals with ivory teeth - the other being the walrus. Each elk has only two ivories, located in the incisor area. Ivory colors vary depending on the age of the elk.

The Frontier Collection® is a line of exciting and unique Elk Ivory jewelry available in sterling silver, 10 karat, and 14 karat gold. Each Frontier piece is meticulously hand crafted, designed, and shaped to fit the contours of each uniquely-shaped ivory (elk tooth) supplied by the hunter or chosen from our inventory of harvested ivories. Frontier jewelry is made in our factory in the Black Hills, and select designs feature Black Hills Gold leaves.