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Pavillion Bird Feeder, Hammered Copper Roof

Pavillion Bird Feeder Hammered Copper Roof - Birdhouses


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Wing & A Prayer

Pavillion Bird Feeder Hammered Copper Roof

Invite several birds to comfortably dine in your yard from the Wing and A Prayer Pavilion Bird Feeder with Hammered Copper Roof. This feeder combines the benefits of both a hopper feeder and a platform feeder to accommodate a myriad of bird feeding options. The clear plastic hopper holds two quarts of nearly any seed to attract several types of birds. Offer mealworms, fruit, or suet on the platform to allow more birds to feed. The steep roof protects the seed from rain and snow, and the six feeding ports allow birds to dine on all sides of the feeder.

The feeder is crafted from solid PVC trimboard, which will not mold, mildew, or delaminate for years of use. The copper colored galvanized metal covering over the plywood roof perfectly contrasts the white base, columns, and finial. The copper color and hammered finish of the roof adds even more texture to the piece. The finial removes easily from the roof for quick cleaning and refilling of the feeder. Mount this feeder on a square 4" x 4" post (not included) for easy visibility. Bring birding excitement into your yard with the Pavilion Bird Feeder with Hammered Copper Roof. Handmade in the USA.

Birds that use this feeder:

  • blackbirds, bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees, doves, finches, flickers, goldfinches, grackles, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, kinglets, mockingbirds, nuthatches, orioles, redpolls, robins, siskins, sparrows, starlings, tanagers, thrushes, titmice, towhees, warblers, waxwings, woodpeckers, and wrens

Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, fruit, mealworms, mixed seed, peanut chunks, peanuts in shell, safflower seed, suet, sunflower kernels, sunflower seed, and thistle seed
Capacity: 2 qts., 3 lbs.; 6 ports
Dimensions: 9.75"L x 9.75"W x 23"H overall
Mounting: may be mounted on 4" x 4" post
Construction: PVC, plastic, metal, wood
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs